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CEO Kenichi Ogata
CEO Kenichi Ogata

Since its establishment in 1937, SATAKE Precision Technology has supplied products such as special bolts and mechanical components matched to the needs of its customers on a high-mix low-volume, short lead time basis.

As a supplier of metal components, we further prioritize meeting the needs of our customers by continually tackling all kinds of challenges in the process of growth and evolution so that we can comply with industrial structures that will undergo dramatic changes in the future.

“Give concrete form to the concepts”

We believe that applying the experience we have built up over long years of supplying special metal components to evolve various sphere of business in line with market development enables us to meet the needs of our customers.

Amidst the dramatic changes in the industrial structure in Japan since the Lehman shock, we have discontinued non-growth businesses and consolidated our order-made metal components business to realize expansion of the services we offer. We have strengthened our presence on the FA market by streamlining our existing factory into a speed-focused facility, created a Business Development Division dedicated to the development of new business with sights set on the next stage of the FA market (Consumer robots), developed sensor business and, in addition, produce original in-house metal components for launch onto the next market to realize synergy with existing business divisions to make SATAKE Precision Technology a consistently forward-looking company.

Furthermore, allying the revolutionary technology developed by the University of Tokyo, we are now in a position to be able to supply the world’s first “Soft Tactile Sensor” as a unique technology of SATAKE Precision Technology. It is our aim in future to make every effort to heighten levels of customer satisfaction in the fields of industrial and consumer robots.

The young management and employees are committed to even greater growth and evolution for the sake of its customers to make SATAKE Precision Technology a company worth watching in the future.