About us

Corporate philosophy and management policy

SATAKE Precision Technology meets the needs of its customers as a supporting industry for precision mechanical components with the focus on metal component processing. We will continue to grow and evolve with the aim not of becoming number-one partner in the world, but “the number-one partner for our customers.”

Corporate Philosophy and Management Policy

An evolving creative company
As the times change, so, too, do elements such as the industrial structure and senses of values. Amidst such changes, SATAKE Precision Technology constantly looks ahead to respond flexibly through innovations and system creation matched to the new era. We will continue to boldly tackle the challenges of developing new fields and spheres of business.

Achievement of unique position
through collaboration between
industry and academia

As well as its commitment to the field of precision processing, SATAKE Precision Technology has accelerated its development of new technologies by a process of constant fusion of new technologies through undertaking such as making inroads into the field of robot awareness and control technology in collaboration with the University of Tokyo. So we have been tackling the creation of unique products.

Aiming to realize the number-
one service in Japan

We deliver the ultimate in service. We accept order for same-day delivery for even only one screw. By streamlining our service system in uncompromising pursuit of high-mix low-volume, short lead time production, it is our aim to become the best partner for our customers.

Management goals

1. To become a company that offers enhanced customer satisfaction and values.
2. To give our employees the change to improve their lives and realize self-fulfillment.
3. To contribute society through the continued existence and growth of our company.

Basic management policy

To become the number-one partner for our customers through the efforts of each and every one of our employees to improve themselves and the continued evolution of the values we provide in order to contribute to industrial growth and the improvement of life in the society of tomorrow.

Personal principles

1. Let’s proactively tackle the challenges of development, innovation and improvement to make SATAKE Precision Technology a strong company with a sense of purpose.
2. Let’s act with speed and sincerity to our customers.
3. Let’s tackle our work with uncompromising commitment to quality.
4. Let’s resolve problems by applying the three principles of workplace, product and realization.
5. Let’s become unrivalled professionals through a process of putting principles into practice and self-enlightenment.