About us


1937 March SATAKE nut factory was founded by Shigeru Satake
1947 March Foundation of the joint stock Satake company in Midorichou Sumidaku Tokyo, and started the business of selling bolt and nut
1961 September Foundation of the Satake Precision Technology
1963 July Open factory in Souka Saitama
1972 September Shigeru Satake retirement. Shinji Katakura assumes CEO/President
1975 October Open Sales office in Souka Saitama
1986 March Open sales office in Funabashi Chiba
1987 September Move Head office from Ryogoku Tokyo to Funabashi Chiba
1990 June Open factory in Yamagata
1992 February Increasing working capital to 35million JPY
1997 May ISO9002 certification at Yamagata factory ( by JQA-1738)
2006 March ISO9001 certification at all facilities
2006 December ISO14001 certification
2008 August Increasing working capital to 50million JPY by investment of Tokyo small and medium business investment and consultation Co.,Ltd
2009 December Kenichi Ogata Executive director assumes CEO/President
2010 May Began developing touch sensors, utilizing the patented technology of the Tokyo University
2010 July Established the Business Development Division and commercialized the touch sensor development business
2010 August Move Head office from Funabashi Chiba to Kanda Tokyo
2011 April Established "Touchence Inc.," as a separate touch sensor business