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ISO9001/ISO14001 Certification

Added value to service through quality and environmental compliance

In order to improve our service and products, we have received the ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. We consider that we should not be satisfied with only acquisition of ISO. It is important to master our management system, and develop our providing value.
For this mission, all members should develop their knowledge, technology, and skill.
In addition, satisfying the customers with quality, quick delivery, and price results in the reduction to the environmental correspondence. We have confidence that it also leads to reduction for our valued customers.


ISO9001 ISO9001
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May 1997: ISO9002 certification at Yamagata facility( by JQA-1738)
March 2006 : ISO9001 certification at all facilities


ISO14001 ISO14001
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December 2006: ISO14001certification (JQA-EM5640)