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spring Unit for Tendon driving system robots - GoseiAdjuster

For the structure that is close to the human being

the robot can adjust the stiffness of the tendon (wire)

There are two kinds of an axial driving system and the tendon driving system to a robot.

The axial driving system robot has made possible the movement high precise and high power by the combination of motor and gear.

On the other hand the tendon driving system robot can realize more humanized movement due to its structure closer to human being.

These days the development of the tendon drive robot attracts attention of consumer use robot.

Spring Unit ’GoseiAdjuster’ is set it up to the tendon (wire) of the tendon driving system robot. The GoseiAdjuster can react for external force for example the robot can react softly because the parts are flexible.

The robot can adjust the hardness (stiffness) of the tendon (wire).


GoseiAdjusterRotary 】 

Minimized friction structure by bearing makes life time of the wire improve. Furthermore the attached angle sensor can measure tension of the tendon from an axial rotary angle.



Comprising of few parts can make it low costs. In addition the tendon driving system is add-on type thus it is possible to adjust without the whole robot reconstituting.

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